He's not a regular dad, he's a cool dad.

By Cady Lang / Time.com and Time.com
October 25, 2016
Cool Dad President Obama Dances to Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’
Credit: AFP/Getty Images

This story originally appeared on Time.com.

President Obama continued his reign as the ultimate cool dad while getting down on Saturday at BET’s “Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience,” the last musical event he’ll be hosting at the White House as the dad-in-chief.

POTUS showed off his decidedly dad-like dance moves while jamming to Drake’s wildly popular “Hotline Bling” alongside Usher and Janelle Monae, in a video captured from Usher’s Snapchat.

While welcoming his guests earlier that night with his trademark bad dad jokes, Obama promised attendees that he would not twerk; however, when it came to other popular dance trends, all bets were off, at least according to one guest.

Obama’s enjoyment of Drizzy shouldn’t come as a surprise, however; he recently included Drake and Jay-Z on his workout playlist.

You can watch Obama get his groove on below.