The purrrfect ski buddy.


Animals are truly incredible. First, there’s flying dogs—more on that here—and now there’s skiing cats. Jesperpus, a three-year-old mixed breed, loves all winter activities, and his owner recently shared a video of the feline skijoring (cross-country skiing) near the Norwegian town of Hedmark.

"I started immediately to go out with a leash for some trips. So he got used to being with us for outdoor activities in the winter before he experienced the summer," owner Aina Stormo told National Geographic. "That's probably why he is used [to] and likes winter and snow."

In the video Jesperpus scampers in front of Stromo as she skis. Of course, when the kitty gets tired he gets a ride in his owner’s shoulder.

The sport traditionally uses horses or dogs, so Jesperpus’ unique love of cold weather sports has garnered him an impressive social media following, with more than 16,000 Instagram followers and 40,000 Facebook fans. He even has his own YouTube page showing off his athletic capabilities and fondness for nature.