Cal Nev Ari Nevada
Credit: Ken Lund/Flickr

Why go to Vegas when you could own it? Well, a mini version, at least. Cal Nev Ari, a desert town in Nevada, is up for sale for $8 million and comes with its own casino.

Located 60 miles south of Sin City, the 640-acre town also boasts its own restaurant, motel, convenience store, and a mobile home park. And there’s room to grow, as there are an additional 520 undeveloped acres.

“It was originally founded to provide an airport-based community to Southern Nevada in 1965,” reads the listing. “Today this town, located on busy U.S. 95, just 60 miles from Las Vegas, has around 350 residents and several businesses that are all included in the sale. In addition to the developable land, the seller will include the restaurant, casino, bar, motel, air strip and hanger, convenience store, RV Park, Mobile Home Park, Post Office, and utility company.”

According to CNN, there's already been a lot of interest from entrepreneurs—including plans to build a marijuana resort, residential buildings, and a retirement community.

The town is also home to some interesting history. It was an abandoned World War II airstrip for General George Patton, which has since become a residential airpark with a dirt runway. Many of the homes even have airplane hangars on the property. "People can walk out of their living room and fly down the taxiway and take off," listing agent Fred Marik told CNN.

While there are many opportunities to develop, there are some conditions the buyer must following, including maintaining the Kidwell Airport and keeping the town’s name for 30 years.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw