Of course, onlookers caught the naked swim on video.

By Nina Ruggiero
April 13, 2017

Exuding history and romance, Rome's majestic Trevi Fountain is a spectacle in its own right.

But while tossing a coin and snapping a photo is enough for most tourists, one man decided to take his Trevi visit to the next level on Wednesday.

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Rome police arrested the man, who claimed to be a foreigner but was determined to be Italian, Roma Today reported, after he stripped down and took a naked dip in the iconic fountain. In a cellphone video, he can be seen doing a breaststroke across the length of the fountain as crowds look on.

The surprise show did not offend, according to local news outlets, but drew applause from onlookers. Police quickly arrived on the scene, however, and covered him in a towel before arresting him.

The skinny dipper has been charged with trespassing in the fountain, resisting arrest, and obstructing justice, The Local reported. Roma Today added that he was charged with making false statements to police and allegedly was in possession of a stolen ID.

Tourists trespassing in the fountain is nothing new. Last July, two visitors from California were fined €450 for jumping after reportedly being inspired by Federico Fellini's “La Dolce Vita.”

Police are investigating any potential damage to the 18th-century fountain, which reopened in November 2016 after massive renovations costing €2 million.