By Melissa Locker
October 25, 2016
Getty Images/All Canada Photos

There's a pop-up attraction in Tokyo that's guaranteed to get you dirty.

The Gata Bar offers guests the opportunity to take a lounge in mud while they throw back some sake. The bar is only around through July: It's taking over a corner at the freeform community space Commune 246 in Tokyo’s high-end hipster shopping hood of Aoyama.

Guests can take a fully dressed plunge or change into a swimsuit first.

The bar recommends bringing a change of clothing as well as a towel. Not your typical bar accessories.

The mud in the Gata Bar comes from the mineral-rich clay of Japan’s Saga prefecture, and according to Time Out Tokyo, if you miss the fun at Gata Bar, you can book a ticket to where this boozy mud bath form of entertainment is commonplace.

If a mud bath is not your cup of tea, you can take an actual green-tea bath at Warakuen Ureshino, a Japanese style hotel in the 1,300 year-old town of Ureshino in Saga Prefecture.