From the cheapest places to visit to the unfriendliest cities in America, our reader's favorite T+L stories for 2015 came from all corners of the travel world.

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A lot happened on through 2015. Not only did we give our website a complete makeover, but we also launched our very first destination of the year poll (congrats to Cuba, the editor's pick, and Nashville, the reader's choice!) and the Journeys package, where our editors actually planned your trip for you. And then there were the long-running, annual stories we all look so forward to sharing—a few of which made this list. Before we start to think about what's to come in the new year, let's take a look back at your favorite stories from the year (read: the 10 best-performing stories on the website).

10. Best Places to Travel in 2016

Readers are already looking to the new year—what better way to prep than with a must-visit list? Our annual round-up of the can't-miss destinations for the year is the perfect place to start. Read the story here.

9. 25 Trips of a Lifetime

Everyone has a few (or an entire list). We published a special bookazine highlighting a more in-depth look at some of the most iconic bucket list destinations, but the online edition is a perfect chance to take in some seriouslt stunning sights. Read the story here.

8. Johnny Depp Faces up to 10 Years in Jail for Bringing His Dogs on Vacation

We've got a whole list of celebs behaving badly at the airport, but Johhny Depp's move to bring his pet dogs to Australia without the proper documentation caused an entirely new hullabaloo. Read the story here.

7. 19 Comfy, Travel-Friendly Shoes Made for Walkin'

The only thing better than shoe shopping? Shopping for vacation shoes. Finding the right pair takes a bit of digging, but if you've got a little help (hint, hint), it's not so bad after all. Read the story here.

6. These Are the Cheapest Cities to Visit

Everyone loves a good, inexpensive getaway. A report shared a little bit of insight on the places to put on your weekend getaway list (no surprise: New York City isn't high on the list). Read the story here.

5. 106 Years After the First Airline Formed, a Company Has Finally Made the Middle Seat Halfway-Pleasant

The middle seat on an airplane isn't anyone's spot of choice. But, wait: 2015 brought with it a possible solution (we can only hope). A staggered middle seat design from Thompson Aero Seating would make things less horrible. Read the story here.

4. The Real Reason Why There's a Tiny Hole in Airplane Windows

It's a question most of us have pondered at some point (or maybe not): what the heck is that tiny hole doing in my airplane window? We've got an answer. Read the story here.

3. Best Places to Travel in 2015

We're not surprised to see this one so high on the list. The 2015 edition of our "Best Places to Travel" package did not disappoint. How many did you check off this year? Read the story here.

2. The 15 Unfriendliest Cities in America

The truth hurts: Some cities just aren't as friendly as others—but that doesn't stop us from visiting them. Read the story here.

1. If You’re From One of These Four States, You’ll Likely Need a Passport for a Domestic Flight

A bit of breaking news for frequent flyers in a handful of states took this year's top spot on the most popular list. Find out if you're going to need a passport to fly domestically anytime soon. Read the story here.

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