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January 26, 2017
Money Falling From the Sky in This City
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Pedestrians in downtown Indianapolis experienced an unexpected windfall on Tuesday morning when dollar bills began falling on them, seemingly from the sky.

According to Fox 59, bills already littered the sidewalk and street, but the cash continued to float down. A witness later called police and directed them towards the rooftop of a 10-story building where money could be seen flying off the roof. Police later reported that there were a couple hundred $1 bills on the roof, as well as five partial money wrappers with the words "Federal Reserve Bank," four of which were dated Dec. 29 and one of which was dated Jan. 20.

A Qdoba restaurant, located on the ground floor of the building, had reported a robbery on the night of Jan. 20; however, it's not known whether or not the robbery can be connected to the cash found on the building's roof.