By Erika Owen
August 05, 2016
Message in a Bottle
Credit: Getty Images/Tetra images RF

Freddy Marr, a six-year-old from London, sent a message in a bottle off into the sea with the hopes of someone somewhere in the world coming across it.

As luck would have it, Carsten Hornecker, in Udsholt Strand in Denmark, was that person.

After finding the bottle, Hornecker took to Facebook to try and nail down the original sender of the message. Here's the Facebook post he shared:

The Facebook post was shared thousands of times and the call for help was shared across Twitter using the hashtag #messageinabottle.

All of the effort was worth it: One of Freddy's relatives spotted the post, according to Mashable. There's no response from Freddy on the situation, but we've got our fingers crossed that there will be.

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