Talk about a frugal traveler.

matt botten

Paying baggage fees can be a pain, but it’s something most travelers have come to account for in their budget. Apparently, Matt Botten is not "most travelers." He was determined not to pay easyJet’s $65 extra baggage charge on a recent flight to Reykjavik and instead wore all of his clothes.

The brazen young man was at Gatwick Airport when he was informed of the additional fee and emptied his bag on the spot putting on each item. “We’re going to Iceland baby,” he wrote on Facebook. “And how to do it in a financially frugal manner, without having to stump up forty five bloody quid for a hold bag? Simply by wearing EVERYTHING I OWN.”

Matt Botten
Credit: via DailyMail

Needless to say, his excessive amount of shirts, pants, and shoes raised a few eyebrows from security, but eventually he made it through.

While this story has a happy ending, James McElvar from the Scottish band Rewind wasn’t so lucky when he tried the same trick last year. The musician ended passing out from heat exhaustion on a flight from London to Glasgow after dressing in six t-shirts, four sweaters, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of jogging bottoms, a pair of jackets and two hats.