The DeLorean owner hit the same speed that sent Marty McFly back in time.

By Talia Avakian
September 15, 2016
Got Arrested for Attempting to Time Travel
Credit: YouTube/gladiator88rm

Nigel Mills, a “Back to the Future” fan and owner of a DeLorean, was arrested for driving his car at a speed of 88 mph in Essex, England.

Mills was driving north on the A12 and happened to be taking a spin in the vehicle, which became famous for its role in the trilogy, when he hit the high speed that just so happens to match the one that sent Marty McFly back into time.

“I wasn’t trying to time travel,” Mills said after his court hearing, according to The Telegraph.

“Ironically, I was done for speeding in the car that doesn’t get on the road much,” Mills said. “I only drive it three or four times a year.”

Though he wasn't able to take a trip back to time, Mills did have a happy ending, as the case was dismissed by the judge due to a lack of evidence.

Mills is a member of the DeLorean owner's club and takes his car to exhibits throughout the year.

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