By Ellie Nan Storck
January 27, 2016
Virgin Holidays

Fancy a stay in a South African tree house—located in the center of London? Virgin Holidays just erected a 35-foot-high luxury safari tree house overlooking the British capital’s South Bank.

The week-long pop-up installation offers sweeping views of the Thames River and St. Paul’s in addition to a private balcony and two bedrooms designed by Hubert Zandber, which feature a mix of one-off African sculptures and various tribal-printed linens and decor.

The tree house is open to visitors from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. every day this week (until Friday, January 29), but if the idea of playing Tarzan overnight piques your interest, enter for the chance to win a stay, complete with a six-course meal of adventurous South African eats like tempura mealworms, ostrich biltong, and braise crocodile, here.