By Cailey Rizzo
August 11, 2016
An Emirates plane in flight.
Credit: Jochen Tack/Getty Images

You might say Mohammad Basheer Abdul Khadar is a very lucky man.

The 62-year-old Indian man was on last week’s Emirates flight that crash landed in Dubai. The plane erupted in flames and the entire top half of the fuselage destroyed.

Of the flight’s 300 passengers, 13 were injured and one fireman killed during the evacuation. Khadar escaped unharmed.

Six days after the fiery crash, Khadar discovered that he had won the lottery, worth $1 million.

Khadar, who has lived in Dubai for 37 years, purchased the winning ticket before departing to visit family in Kerala, India. On Tuesday, his lottery number was drawn at Dubai Airport’s Duty Free Millennium Millionaire raffle.

Khadar works as a fleet administrator for a car dealer group and earns about $2,200 per month. He is only four months away from retirement.

“I live a simple life, and now that it’s my time to retire, I feel like God gave me a second life when I survived the plane crash, and blessed me with this money to follow all this up by doing good things,” Khadar told Gulf News.

Once he retires, Khadar plans on using his winnings to return to India and help people in need: “I want to go out and find people who really need help and give them money,” he said. “I was poor, and I know what people go through.”

The cause of the crash in Dubai is still under investigation.