No, this is not an early April Fools joke.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
March 31, 2016
BPG4W7 Clear air tight Preserve Jar isolated on white background.
Credit: © stargatechris / Alamy Stock Photo

There is currently a website where jarred air from different parts of England are available for purchase. Called “Shoreditch Air,” the online shopping site offers Brixton air, Croydon air, and two varieties of Shoreditch air—morning or afternoon—all priced at £19.99 ($28.73) a jar. There’s also an additional shipping charge of £10 ($14.37) within the UK, or £20 ($28.74) internationally.

"We're Shoreditch Air and we bottle the finest of London's Air, so if you're missing home or would just like to get an idea of what London smells like you've come to the right place,” the unique company wrote. "More areas and editions of London Air coming soon!"

The young entrepreneur to begin the online business admitted his whacky idea was actually and attempt to get a job. "I'm actually moving to Toronto next week and haven't sorted out a job,” Carl Casis, 29, told HuffPostUK. “I really would love to work as a Sales Hacker for Shopify so I thought this would be a great way to get their attention.”

He admitted ore than 300 people have put jars in their baskets, but have yet to purchase any jars. "It started off as a joke,” he noted. "I didn't expect so many people to hear about it. A number of newspapers have reported about it and ITN want to film me in action bottling the air tomorrow."

So, what’s the most popular “flavor” of air? "Most people seem to be clicking on the Brixton air,” added Casis. “I think because it's still in the middle of gentrification and they want to have a souvenir some authentic Brixton air with the scent of Caribbean cooking before it just smells of independent coffee shops."