By Erika Owen
February 15, 2017
iiokua/Getty Images

Let's kick this off by saying that Lithuania is a beautiful place—it doesn't need fake photos to entice people to come and visit. But this is exactly what happened in a recent tourism board campaign.

A social advertisement campaign running with the slogan "Real is Beautiful" featured photos of Finland and Slovakia in place of Lithuania. The department of tourism has admitted the error after being called out across social media channels, and the tourism chief has since stepped down, according to BBC.

The photos have since been deleted, but Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis has jumped in on the fun with a tongue-in-cheek post on Facebook featuring a photo from Brussels:

Our question to the Lithuanian Tourism Board: Why would you use other countries' photos when you've got such a gorgeous one to show off? Lithuania's medieval Old Town is reason enough to visit, not to mention the cultural smash of Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture. There are plenty of campaign-worthy spots around the country. Here are just a few we recommend:

proslgn/Getty Images
katkov/Getty Images
Peter Langer/Getty Images

If anything, this mishap just reminds us of that time Rhode Island decided to feature Harpa Concert Hall, the Icelandic Opera House, in one of its tourism campaign videos.