Celebrate the brick.

In the Danish town of Billund, a three-hour drive from Copenhagen where the famous Lego brick was founded, a brand new experience for Lego lovers has opened on September 28.

The Lego group unveiled their unique, state-of-the-art Lego House, Home Of The Brick, a 12,000 square meter (about 39,000 square feet) museum-meets-indoor-theme park with a Lego brand store, three restaurants, a forum, four different experience zones and a 2,000 square meter (about 6,500 square feet) public square.

“The Lego House is a manifestation of the very essence of the Lego idea. This will be an amazing place where Lego fans, their families and friends can experiences — or re-experience — the playfulness of the Lego universe,” said General Manager of the Lego House, Jesper Vilstrup.

The Lego House was designed by the architectural group Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). “The building itself reflects what Lego play and Lego values are all about. The Lego brick has been incorporated into the architecture in a simple, but ingenious way, and visualizes the systematic creativity that lies at the very core of Lego play,” said Vilstrup.

The “experience zones” in the building are coordinated by color, corresponding to a part of child’s learning process. Red is creative, blue is cognitive, green is social and yellow is emotional. And each zone has specific activities each guest can enjoy.

Among the features at the Lego House are a massive Lego tree located in the lobby that leads to the exhibition floors, large basins of Lego bricks that look like they’re flowing like waterfalls and a Masterpiece Gallery with plenty of Lego sculptures on the top floor.

The facade of the building is even covered in clay bricks to give the illusion that Lego House is actually built out of Lego.

On any given day, Lego House expects to entertain about 2,400 guests, reaching about 250,000 guests per year. Tickets to experience the wonderful world of Lego costs about 199 kroner (or about $30 USD), and tickets must be purchased in advance.

Whether you’re a kid or a AFOL (what Lego House calls an Adult Fan of Lego), there’s always something to do at this incredibly unique destination.

More information on the Lego House can be found on its website.