Lots of weird stuff happens in Las Vegas, but the new trend of pigeons wearing cowboy hats really takes the cake.

In the last few days, visitors and residents of Las Vegas reported seeing two tiny pigeons sporting even tinier cowboy hats strapped to their heads. Though it sounds hilarious the potential animal cruelty is no laughing matter.

"When we saw them today, you could see some loose feathers in the glue around the hat," Mariah Hillman, co-founder of Lofty Hopes, a pigeon rescue, told CNN. "It's definitely a concern."

According to Hillman, the group put out traps for the birds so they could assist them in removing the hats, but so far no luck.

As CNN additionally noted (again, try not to laugh), the birds have been named Cluck Norris and Coolamity Jane. Cluck Norris is the bird wearing the red hat and Coolamity Jane is in the blue hat. There are rumors of a third bird wearing a brown hat but nobody has nabbed a photo of him or her yet.

Illustration of pigeon wearing cowboy hat
Credit: Photo Illustration: Javier Fernández Sánchez/Getty Images; Getty Images

The birds were first spotted by a man named Bobby Lee. Lee took a 12-second video of the birds, in which he exclaims, “the birds have hats, bro!” He later posted the video to Facebook, which now has almost 100,000 views.

“It got a lot of attention fast,” Lee told The New York Times. “The day after, I had a lot of news people texting me and people trying to buy my video.”

Thankfully, Charles Walcott, a Cornell University ornithologist, told The Times he does not believe the birds are in any grave danger.

“I think the thing that I would emphasize is I can’t see that it is causing any great harm to the pigeons,” he said. “They look like happy pigeons to me. It is hard to know, of course, because they will not talk to us.”

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told reporters it “does not appear to be a police matter at this time.” Until the birds are caught you can enjoy a few under your breath giggles thanks to the plethora of social media posts around these little city slickers.