Credit: Anna Gorin/ Getty Images

There's a company in London that's turning dreams into reality for Hobbit fans. West Stow Pods is currently seeking funding for their Poddit Hole House project—a camping home inspired by halfling homes. The 30-day campaign is looking to raise $78,000 to build the house, which is going to be used as a holiday destination. The endeavor is in good hands: Alan Baxter—the man in charge of making sure the project is carried through as authentically as possible—is a member of the Tolkein Society and has visited many of the movie's filming locations.

The London location may not have exactly the same sights the original New Zealand scenes boasted, but there's plenty to keep visitors busy in the area. Travelers can visit the same culture that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien's dive into his made-up Middle Earth at a nearby Anglo-Saxon village. Check out the video below for more informaiton on the project and what to expect:

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