KFC Chicken-Scented Candle
Credit: Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

In true KFC fashion, the fast food fried chicken chain recently took to social media to share their most recent creation: a KFC-themed candle, according to USA TODAY.

You—quite unfortunately—can't buy one of these poultry-scented candles for yourself. Unlike their candle sale in August 2015, which, for the record, sold 25 candles in less than a minute, this was a one-time play for social fans living in New Zealand. The New Zealand brand extension asked fans to interact with its posts on Facebook and Twitter to win.

We're making some guesses here, considering the company never came out and named the scent, but we can't imagine any other recipe than the Colonel's original for this.

This is far from the first time KFC has delighted chicken fans with unusual chicken-themed items.

Back in August, the chain sold chicken-scented sunscreen—and it sold out in less than two hours. The brand even encouraged diners to fool their social media followers with “fakation” photos using the restaurant's scenic tray lines as photo backdrops.

Well played, KFC.

In order to win one of the candles, KFC asked Twitter users to reply to their announcement with a suggestion for another KFC-theme piece of merchandise. Here's hoping there's a lot more collectible chicken gear in the future.