By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
January 21, 2017
Getty Images

Kangaroos are pretty loveable creatures. They're also pretty dangerous, a fact a couple of women biking through Australia's wine region learned last week, when a kangaroo reportedly hopped on top of them, knocking them off their bikes.

"I've gone to ride past, I thought: 'He's cute,' and he's just jumped me and taken out the side of me," Sharon told media. "As I'm falling, I felt him push off me and then he's flown to Helen and taken her out. He looked peaceful. He didn't look angry.”

Sharon ultimately suffered from three broken ribs and had to undergo surgery to replace ruptured breast implants. Helen walked away with a concussion and whiplash and was luckily able to bike into town to get help for her friend.

This isn’t the first kangaroo attack. Last year a woman was almost killed when a kangaroo hit and scratched her while she was out for a walk with her dog.

Still, kangaroo attacks are very rare. We can go on loving them, just maybe avoid interacting with them in the wild.