Officials said it could take up to 70 years before “send nudes” is completely erased.

A path of trekking in the moss covered volcanic hills near Nesjavellir geothermal power plant in Iceland.
Credit: Getty Images

Just in case you were wondering, your basic Tinder messages do not belong scrawled across nature.

Over the years, one of Iceland’s most famous moss-covered hills near Nesjavellir has been a destination for tourists with a somewhat destructive tendency to rip up the moss to write messages.

For example, the word “life” has been written in the side of the hill for years. Now, some super mature tourists one-upped everyone’s moss vandalism game by writing “send nudes” in big, block letters.

Congrats, vandals. Now the aliens will think we’re all 12-year-old boys.

The biggest problem with this kind of tourist activity is that it takes decades for the moss to grow back. Officials who oversee the upkeep of the hill think it could take up to 70 years before “send nudes” is completely erased.

“I think someone was trying to be funny, but they don't realise they are vandalising nature and possibly causing this to spread,” tour guide Gunnar Birgisson told The Independent. “People come from such different places from Iceland that they don't know what's right and wrong. And it's a herd mentality.”

Birgisson also mentioned other instances of “bad tourist behavior” to the Iceland Monitor, including people going off-roading and defecating outside.

Tour guide and author Árni Tryggvason told The Independent, “with a rapidly growing tourism we can see endless new bad footprints all over the country...Now we have to teach our guests that we have zero tolerance against behaviour like that.”

Next time, just take a photo. It might even last longer than 70 years.