Think You Know Your Skylines? Take This Quiz to Find Out

New York or Tokyo? Seattle or Singapore? Let’s see how much you know.

While we’re all stuck at home trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus, you might be missing some of the familiar parts of places you love at home or while traveling. Though cities around the world are defined by many things — New York’s pizza or London’s iconic double-decker buses — it’s their skylines that stand out as a physical representation of their spirit. Just think about the Sydney Opera House set against the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Eiffel Tower rising above the Seine, and the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan.

To keep you inspired and dreaming of travel, Travel + Leisure has created a fun game to see how well you really know your skylines around the world. Like you, we can’t wait to get out there and start traveling again — to see those skylines and test our fear of heights in the world’s most jaw-dropping observations decks. But for now, we’ll indulge in armchair travel by taking a virtual trip to a museum, touring a national park online, and maybe even making a piña colada using the same recipe from the hotel that created it.

If you want more games to play, we’ve got you covered. See how well you know your national parks with this T+L-created video quiz, give your brain a little challenge with this spot-the-difference game, or put together a travel-inspired puzzle.

Whatever you’re doing to keep busy, just know that we’ll be here to keep you inspired while staying at home, and there to guide you along the way once it’s safe to travel again. And boy, we can’t wait to travel again.

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