Don’t try this at home, kids.

Boeing 737 Cockpit
Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Last year, an American Airlines pilot died in the middle of a flight. Passengers on the plane were never at risk thanks to the prowess of the co-pilot who was trained to fly solo, but when the story leaked, nervous flyers found themselves wondering—what do you do if your pilot dies?

In the extremely unlikely event that a pilot and co-pilot were both simultaneously incapacitated on your flight to Akron or Anchorage (real life is nothing like Airplane! after all), YouTube has a very helpful tutorial on how to land a Boeing 737 on your own.

As Travel Pulse reports, the video is called “How to Land a 737 (Nervous Passenger Edition)” and it gives step-by-step instructions on how to fly the plane as safely as possible under the circumstances courtesy of Tim Morgan, a commercial pilot who originally tackled the issue on Quora.

In the video, Morgan notes that the plane is most likely already on auto-pilot, which means the new pilot won’t have to worry about keeping the plane up in the air. Landing, however, will require a human touch. Put on the pilot’s headphones, alert air traffic control, and then follow the detailed directions carefully. It may be a bumpy landing, but it’s far better than any alternative.

Watch the video now, because if you ever do find yourself in a situation where you have to land a passenger plane, you don’t want to have to log onto the in-flight Wi-Fi first.