December 15, 2016
BuzzFeed Product Lab

Being homesick stinks, and it can set in at the worst of times.

You can be taking in the most beautiful Santorini sunset and all of the sudden—BAM—you're wishing for the comfort of your own bed and your dog (or cat). Or maybe you've found yourself living a long plane ride from home, all because of some fancy new dream job.

It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing: Homesickness is no fun.

There's a candle company out there that thinks it can help. Homesick Candles has built a business around destination-scented jars of wax—and it actually seems pretty cool. Each candle is themed by state and features a bouquet that any native would find familiar.

For example, the Wisconsin candle features notes of cranberry, Danish kringle, and “winter air.” Homesick for Pennsylvania? Your candle will smell of chocolate and molasses. My personal favorite: Iowa, which will give you a whiff “reminiscent of the State Fair.” (Deep-fried Snickers?)

Nate Schmiedehaus, cofounder of Homesick Candles, explained the process of fine-tuning the scents with Vogue: “We looked for, and continue to look for, scents of plants, foods, environments, and even clothing that are relatable and universally enjoyable,” he said. “We sift through dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of recommendations to create sample candles with different combinations and proportions of the scents and test them with the state natives until we have something that’s perfect.”

If you're looking to buy one of these candles for yourself, head to the Homesick Candles website.