Doreen Grett has become a spring break legend.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is known for drawing crowds of hard-partying college kids during spring break. But this year, in a sea of bikini-clad revelers, it was a grandmother named Doreen Grett who stole the show.

A photo posted by Payton Grett, an Arizona college student, now has 20,000 retweets and 94,000 likes on Twitter, and it's not the trio of young women in swimsuits labeled with the phrases "frat star," "blonde ambition," and "Asian persuasian" getting everyone's attention.

It's Doreen, Payton's grandmother, standing with the group and downing a shot of what we can only assume is tequila.

Doreen casually posted the photo to Facebook with the caption: "Shots with the girls." If that isn't evidence enough she's conquered a spring break or two in her time, just check out her form:

Not only did Doreen draw admiration for joining in on the fun, but she schooled the rest of her squad, downing the shot and going in for the celebratory cheers, no lime chaser needed. The internet was decidedly impressed.

Payton's tweet became so popular, it eventually got to her grandma's spring break friends, who reached out to confirm what we all already knew: Doreen is the best.

Maybe next year they'll all plan a trip together? We're just hoping for an invite.