Cat-loving globetrotters know whether they’re in Tokyo or Paris, Montreal or London, there’s always a cat to cuddle thanks to the booming business of cat cafes. In the U.S., the concept has already spread from coast (San Francisco’s KitTea Time) to coast (New York’s Meow Parlor) as patrons line up for their chance to snuggle with a kitten while enjoying a cup of tea.

The industry is rapidly expanding, but if you haven’t been able to visit one of the petting zoos-cum-coffee shops (or if you’re sadly allergic to the furry felines) a new GoPro video gives you a peek inside a busy cat cafe in Shanghai, China.

As explained in the video's description, the Cat Life is one of Shanghai’s first cat cafes. It opened about six years ago and still serves up cappuccinos alongside cats for petting. And while the video introduces the shop’s owner, Xi, it also notes who really runs the show: "The cats are the owners and you are their guest."

A sentiment seasoned cat owners are already well aware of.