By Melissa Locker
December 23, 2015
Getty Images/iStockphoto

As if flight attendants didn’t have enough work to do dealing with the 17 worst types of airline passengers, getting booed for removing troublesome riders, or passing notes, just for fun—now they have to, quite literally, herd cats.

A passenger on a recent Delta Airlines flight captured a video of cat on the loose during the flight. The escaped con was heading straight for a flight attendant taking a break in the plane’s jump seat. While even Samuel L. Jackson would agree that it’s better to have loose cats than runaway snakes on a plane, the flight attendant did not look thrilled to have a cat creeping around in her galley.

In the video, the minute the attendant sees the cat she yells for its owner and then picks up the plane’s intercom to demand that the cat’s owner come claim their runaway. Soon a helpful passenger steps up to help capture the cat, who is clearly having doubts about its escape plan. Luckily for the cat—and the flight attendant—the owner soon arrived with the carrier.

Aside from making sure your cat’s carrier is shut tight, here are some other ways to make sure you’re not being a jerk on a plane.