By Erika Owen
April 20, 2016
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If you thought a weekend getaway with your dad was enough of a bonding experience, try to put yourself in the shoes rollerblades of the father-son duo that bladed 300 miles together in 14 days. You thought that was intense? The son is only 4-years-old. The pair started in Puyang in China's Henan district and ended up reaching Beijing two weeks later. Let's put that in perspective: by car, the journey would take close to six hours (according to Google Maps). Public transportation will get you there in anywhere from seven hours to eight-and-a-half hours. At a walking pace, Maps routes the journey as taking 106 hours. Either way, that's a lot of rollerblading for someone of any age. The pair took photos all along Highway 106 and spent a day sightseeing in Beijing before taking the train back home to Puyang.

via China News
via China News

The father—a 39-year-old truck driver who has been identified by his surname as Zhang—shared a few words on the journey with Shanghaiist: "Even though my son was in tears several times, he never gave up. That was the purpose of the journey, to train him to persevere." That being said, it seems like a good heart-to-heart may have sufficed. It's safe to say neither of them will be forgetting this trip anytime soon. 

via China News

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