Live out your Downtown Abbey fantasies by purchasing this northern England hamlet for a cool $28 million.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
April 07, 2016
West Heslerton Estate village for sale in England
Credit: Courtesy of Cundalls

Have an extra $28 million laying around, or the ability to finance it? Then we know what you can do with it: Purchase the village of West Heslerton in the north of England. The 2,116-acre property in Scarborough consists of residential, commercial, and agricultural land, according to Cundalls, the real estate firm managing the sale.

But for this high price tag, you won't just walk away with the land. Also included in the listing are a 21-bedroom fixer-upper, 43 rental homes and cottages, a pub and restaurant, a garage, and sports fields. More than owning your own village, the real estate company says the new owner could actually make money on the deal—netting an estimated $553,598 a year.

“We’ve had an incredible amount of interest already,” Tom Watson, director of Cundalls, told the Yorkshire Post. “It would be perfect for somebody wanting to build up and leave a legacy. The estate has been very much untouched in the past 50 years and is now a blank canvas, ready to be shaped for the next generation."

The village was previously owned by Eve Dawnay, who died in 2010 without any heirs.