Talk about hair of the dog!

Dog serves Kronenbourg 1664 beer in London
Credit: Kronenbourg 1664

Sure we’ve heard of cat cafes, but now there’s a bark-tender. For one day, the Bar D’Alsace-tian in London will employ a team of Alsatian dogs to deliver cold bottles of beer to customers via custom harnesses in the shape of a barrel. The May 6th event was set up by brewers Kronenbourg 1664, so as you can imagine there will be one of their cold brews inside the mini barrel. They’ll also be delivering cheese and bread, as any good waiter would.

We’re absolutely delighted to be opening the doors on the world’s first bar staffed by dogs,” brand director Ifeoma Dozie told local papers. “It provides customers with a truly unique experience and is the ideal way for us to bring the ‘Alsace-tians’ to Kronenbourg fans.”

Not to worry, some humans will be on hand to make sure the dogs are fully stocked and available to wait on you paw and foot. And if you can’t make it to the puppy party, there’s still plenty more weird things going on in London like the opening of a nude restaurant.