By Melissa Locker
May 25, 2016
Getty Images

Stetinden Mountain in Oppland, a town in Southern Norway, is breathtaking from the ground. But from its peak, it is downright dizzying.

A brave climber strapped a camera to his head as he made his ascent up the nearly vertical slopes of the mountain, which is also called Stetind. Norway’s national mountain is known for its smooth sides, which make the mountain uniquely beautiful, but also incredibly difficult to climb—probably why so many mountain climbers seem determined to reach its 4,500-foot summit.

In the video, the climber is seen scooting along his back side, carefully placing each foot on the mountain to avoid a slip, and clinging to the rock face to make his way to the top. It’s a spine-tingling climb that will get anyone’s adrenaline flowing, even when watching from the safety of an office chair thousands of miles away.

While the climb isn’t for everyone, those who attempt it are rewarded with a view that is absolutely stunning. Hopefully they spend their time enjoying it, because they still have to make it back down the mountain.

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