A drug smuggler was caught trying to bring crystal meth into New Zealand by hiding it in his cozy-time travel accessories.

Meth New Zealand Neck Pillows
Credit: Photo Illustration: Mariah Tyler Source Images: Getty Images & Alamy Stock Photo

A traveler arriving from Hong Kong was arrested at New Zealand's Wellington airport for possession of almost $1 million worth of crystal meth, which he had hidden in two neck pillows. According to the South China Morning Post, it is not uncommon for drug smugglers to bring crystal meth from Hong Kong to New Zealand and Australia, where the drugs can fetch a significantly higher price. Also surprisingly not uncommon: hiding the drugs in neck pillows, a technique that—at least from this layman's perspective—seems like it would make more sense with a less, well, crystal-y drug. ('Cause ouch.) It's unclear how the thwarted smuggler was caught, but the fact that he brought not one but two neck pillows on a plane couldn't have helped him blend in with the crowd.