The ring was spotted on a seabed 37 years later.

benidorm island in spain

A diver gave a Spanish couple an incredible surprise when she found the wedding ring they had lost 37 years ago.

Juani Sanchez and Agustin Aliaga lost the ring while swimming near Benidorm, Spain, just five months after they were married in 1979.

The couple naturally believed the ring was gone forever, until a family member told them they had seen it on Facebook, according to Metro UK.

Diver Jessica Cuesta posted a photo of the ring in an effort to try and locate its owner. After hundreds of messages and thousands of shares on the post, Cuesta was able to connect with the couple through Aliaga’s niece.

The couple sent Cuesta a photo of their family register and a picture of the ring, and Nisos realized these were the owners after hearing the wife’s name and seeing that it matched the name engraved on the ring.

“It was a pleasant surprise because more than the material, it is very symbolic and emotional as it’s the ring that we were married with,” Aliaga said.

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