They've already driven 29,500 miles across the U.S.
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Longest road trip couple

Greg Cayea and Heather Thompson are on out to break the record for the world’s longest road trip in one country. The previous record is 22,406.66 miles, and was set in India.

The couple has already covered 29,500 miles over 103 days, passing the 22,406.66-mile mark on September 20.

They started their trip in Tempe, Arizona, and are weaving through America's 48 contiguous states, with only 11 states to go.

Longest road trip couple

Cayea got the idea while listening to a Tony Robbins' audio book, and seeing a writing exercise about setting a world record. He looked into various records, and decided the longest journey completed by car could be good for the two of them to try because they were preparing to move to Philadelphia. And because “being on the road has been such a big part of my life,” Cayea told Travel + Leisure.

“Every chance I could, I would get on the road, because that’s where I felt most at home,” said Cayea, who wrote a book on his experience, “No Direction Home: The Drifter Chronicles Volume One”, which is how he and Thompson are funding their trip.

Cayea and Thompson have been to 22 national parks, and said their favorites have been Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, and Crater Lake National Park.

Longest road trip couple

They have also discovered unexpected tourist attractions, like outdoor animal safaris in South Dakota, and have visited quirky spots like the ghost own of Bayhorse, Idaho.

Longest road trip couple

Of all the roads they’ve driven, they said the Beartooth Pass on the Beartooth Highway was the most scenic.

“It’s an insanely beautiful drive that goes around lakes that look like melted glaciers, just like the ones of out Glacier National Park,” Cayea said.

To break the record, they have a set of rules they must follow, which includes no round-trips, no backtracking more than 10 percent of the total mileage, recording every stop, keeping a log book along the trip, recording at least 10 minutes of video footage of the journey per day, and making sure not to cross country borders.

Longest road trip couple

They’re allowed to take two weeks of resting time, and have spent around 35 days of their trip so far on stops, sleeping in their 2008 Subaru Outback the majority of the time.

While being on the road can be tough, the two have found ways to take advantage of the lifestyle, using national park grills to make food, and parking in truck stops, rest stops, or Walmart parking lots before prepping their mattress and watching Netflix in the back of their car.

The couple is currently heading to the Hudson Valley in New York and will most likely be on the road for one more month.