This Clear Jigzaw Puzzle Will Distract You for Days

It's ridiculously hard, but totally stunning.

Transparent Jigsaw puzzle on wood background
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Do you love games? Do you also love punishing yourself while socially distancing at home? Then this absolutely bonkers puzzle is for you.

Puzzles have never been more popular. The old-school game gained new life now that we're all staying at home and doing our best to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Some people are out there doing adorable travel-themed puzzles. And that's cute. But not you. No no. You need to challenge yourself and those around you just a little bit more. That's why you're going to pick up this completely clear puzzle from Little Flower Pot Shop on Etsy.

Hand holds up clear, transparent puzzle piece
Courtesy of Etsy

"Our Impossibly difficult CLEAR jigsaw puzzle for adults come in multiple sizes based on the level of intensity you're willing to endure," the shop explains of its slightly masochistic design. "This custom jigsaw puzzle is hard enough in its own right and our creator has found a way to pack the experience of many 1000+ piece puzzles into just a 6"x6" footprint."

According to the listing, all finished puzzles are square and become increasingly difficult with size. There are no repeated pieces, no way to tell which side is up and which side is down, and there is only one correct solution for each puzzle.

There's the 3x3 puzzle with just nine pieces for anyone looking to spend a few minutes completing this task. Then, there's the 5x5 with 25 pieces, a 7x7 with 49 pieces, or the 12x12 with 149 absolutely clear pieces that will surely drive you insane.

"I only have 2 pieces together so far, but I'm loving this! Such a great idea and so well made," one reviewer wrote.

"Great product that is very ingenious in its design. There are some very clever tricks in the design that will definitely surprise and delight anyone who likes puzzles," another added.

Want to join them? Order your puzzle now and and maybe gift one to someone who's in serious need of a lengthy distraction.

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