It may be cuter than Justin Trudeau hugging pandas.

By Jess McHugh
Updated: October 25, 2016

In keeping with Canada's reputation for friendliness and good will, the U.S.' neighbor to the north had a message for its North American ally: "You're great."

In a riff off Republican nominee Donald Trump's divisive slogan "Make America Great Again," Canadians reminded the U.S. all of the things that already make the country wonderful in a video released by creative agency the Garden Collective.

"When things are tough, you fight to make them better," one woman told viewers.

"You know America, I think you're already great," said another Canadian resident.

Canadians submitted their homemade videos for this compilation, listing all of the reasons that they love the U.S. The participants cited everything from national parks and space exploration to diversity, charitable giving, and the disability rights movement.

In tandem with the video, the Garden Collective launched the hash-tag #TellAmericaItsGreat, receiving an outpouring on Twitter.

“Seems America could use some cheering up right about now. As their closest friends and neighbors, we thought we should take a minute to help remind them that no matter how bad things might seem at the moment, there are lots of reasons why we think they’re still pretty great,” reads a description of the project on the Garden Collective’s website.

While a fraught U.S. election season comes to a close, many residents have looked to Canada as a potential new home if November 8 does not turn out the way they're hoping. And at least one Canadian business has given people incentive to think seriously about moving north.

The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, a small business located in a remote area of the island of Cape Breton, is looking for employees. As an added inducement, the business' owners will provide their new team member with two acres of land to build their new home. 

Only time will tell if Canada is in for a great American wave of migration.