The uninhabited island has nine cottages, a school house, a post office, and a café.

By Jess McHugh
October 21, 2016
Credit: Ostaleri/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

Millionaires with a penchant for the British Isles and a small sum of cash to burn may have just found their next investment.

The uninhabited island of Tanera Mòr, located 1.5 miles off the coast of Scotland, is for sale for $2.3 million.

Credit: Gordon Patton/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

This approximately 800-acre property has all of the necessities: nine cottages, a sailing school, a café, and a post office that makes its own stamps. The island’s current owners purchased the island in 1996 and put it up for sale in 2013, though it has not yet sold.

“Tanera Mòr has all the mystique, privacy, tranquility and charm associated with island life,” reads an excerpt from the property's brochure, produced by real estate agency Savills. “The views from the island are truly stunning and ever changing according to the weather, light and seasons.”

Credit: Ostaleri/Flickr (cc by 2.0)

Tanera Mòr is an environmentalist’s dream, as it is entirely self-sufficient and runs off wind turbines to produce its electricity. With gorgeous views of the Scottish moors and a wide variety of plant and animal life, the island is the perfect natural retreat for travelers looking for some solitude.

Interested buyers who don’t want to drop a couple million at once can purchase one of three smaller lots on Tanera Mòr, the cheapest of which was listed in March for 430,000 pounds, or about $525,000 BBC reported.