He's already penned 880.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
May 09, 2016
Penguin/ Mashable

With the ubiquity of computers, iPads, and cell phones, it’s pretty rare to see a kid actually write a letter these days, except for this enterprising eight-year-old. Toby Little is not only taking actual pen to paper, but is on a mission to write a letter to every single country in the world.

The ambitious project started when Toby was just five and wrote a letter to a friend in Hawaii. He then started writing letters to other countries to learn about different cultures. “We look up all countries, and I think of questions I would like to ask,” Toby writes on his website. “I'm interested in fossils, archaeology, explorers, history, stars and planets, science, wild creatures, film making, writing, reading, books, dancing, and how people help other people and protect the environment in lots of places all over the world! I also want to know how people live, and what food they eat, and what school is like!”

In three years Toby has penned 880 letters and received 367 responses. He also created a website and wrote a book about his experience titled, “Dear World, How Are You?” “I started the project because I wanted to find out more about the world, help people understand each other better, and make the world a better place,” Toby says on his site. “It's really tricky to find people in every country, but lots of people have been helping me—thank you!”

Next up are Poland, Belgium, and Spain, and he has a dream list that includes Antarctica, Vatican City, and the Galapagos.