By Erika Owen
December 19, 2016
Credit: Photo-Illustration: David Kukin / Photo: Kelvin Ma/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Every year, Reddit users around the world get in the holiday spirit by participating in the community's annual Secret Santa gift exchange.

Among the many people that participate is Bill Gates—as in the billionaire—who is known to send a gift every single year.

This time around, the one person who can say that Gates was their Secret Santa this year took to Reddit to share her surprise bounty.

Among the many gifts was a pair of Zelda mittens for Reddit user Aerrix and her dog, and XBox One Minecraft Edition, three special edition XBox One controllers, a pair of slippers, a Cajun cookbook, a Zelda tie blanket, a paper model of the Master Sword from Skyward Sword, a Zelda and Link picture frame made of perler beads featuring Aerrix's profile picture with Bill Gates Photoshopped in, an NES Classic Edition system, three movies, and the Halo 5 Guardians and the new Tomb Raider games for the XBox One.

Even better, all of these gifts weren't just Microsoft promotions—each one had some sort personal connect to Aerrix. In a note she posted on Reddit Gifts, she mentioned that Gates called out the cookbook she received as a reminder of her uncle's Cajun cooking that she misses. (He lives in Louisiana; she lives in Nebraska.)

Well played, Bill Gates.