One lucky person will get to travel around Europe for a month and party.

Stag Intern
Credit: Getty Images/Blend Images

One lucky student will get the internship of a lifetime if selected by UK-based travel firm The Stag Company. According to a wanted ad it recently posted, Stag is looking for a writing intern to travel Europe for a month. The chosen applicant will get four weekends of all-expenses-paid trips to Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, and Brighton, England, starting in June.

Since the company’s main mission is planning dudes-only trips, the intern will be required to go clubbing, attend bar crawls, check out local sporting options—and even visit strip clubs along the way. There’s some work involved, too.

“The Stag Company are looking for somebody who has a genuine passion for travel and documenting their new experiences with words and images, as they will be required to create content in blog and vlog formats that showcase stag activities and destinations,” reads the job posting. “This means that the intern will need strong writing skills and be comfortable and confident on camera.”

The intern will also help create destination guides to each of the cities, and “provide insights for social media campaign idea creation.” So, who are they looking for exactly?

“The Stag Company internships are perfect for students and recent graduates, looking to get some real world experience in a successful and fast-paced business,” they write. Personality traits include, “High energy, friendly communication, flexibility, initiative, teamwork and cooperation,” and candidates should have “strong writing skills” and pay attention to detail.

To apply you have to send a copy of your resume along with a short video as to why you would be the perfect fit for the gig.