No prior experience required.

By Jess McHugh
January 13, 2017
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

For anyone looking for an extreme change of pace, a small Austrian town is in the market for a part-time hermit.

The ideal candidate will be "a self-sufficient person who is at peace with their self, and willing to talk to people, but not to impose,” local cleric Alois Moser told state broadcaster ORF.

Situated in the town of Saalfelden in the state of Salzburg, the 350-year-old hermitage is built into a natural cave.

The position is part-time and unpaid, and the residence has no running water or heat—making it habitable only eight months of the year. Applicants should be prepared to live without television or internet and be ready to occasionally guide visitors who come to the hermitage and nearby chapel, the Local reported.

While the hermitage seeks a Christian person and many of the former residents have been monks, no prior experience is required.

Gottfried Scholenateuer, pictured in 1955, once served as Saalfelden's hermit.
| Credit: Hans Enzwieser/BIPs/Getty Images

The 16,000-person town is a natural getaway for anyone looking for solitude. With several nearby chateaux and chapels, the new hermit will have other places for prayer and contemplation beyond the confines of the hermitage.

A Benedictine monk gave up his residence at the hermitage in the fall, and the job has been vacant ever since, the Associated Press reported.

Interested applicants must send a résumé, a letter of intent, and a current photo by March 15 to the following address in order to qualify: Pfarramt Saalfelden, zH. Herrn Dechant Alois Moser, Lofererstraße 11, 5760 Saalfelde.

A Franciscan monk was the very first hermit, and he moved to the hermitage in 1664, according to the town’s tourism website.