orbiter of the galaxies

For the most part, April Fools Day is one of the most frustrating 24 hours of the year. You know that everyone is going to try and get in on the fun in some form, so a relatively innocent stroll through your Facebook feed could very quickly turn you into, well, a fool. Travel brands were no exception from the April Fools jokes this year. Ahead, six fake products, services, or announcements that we wish we actual things we could experience (hint, hint).

Royal Caribbean's "Orbiter of the the Galaxies"

If Royal Caribbean is sending a "cruise ship" to space, we want to be on that maiden voyage. The brand's announcement: "Royal Caribbean UK has announced it's building a spaceship called 'Orbiter of the Galaxy,' which should be taking passengers on space cruises by 2030."

Alamo's Throwback Car Rentals

The Station Wagon was a staple of family travel in the 1930s-40s, and the car rental service Alamo wanted to bring a smile to Baby Boomers' faces this April Fools. The brand's website is currently touting a new service: "Rent a Classic." Unfortunately for many, this writer included, clicking through only brings you to a holiday greeting.

Airbnb's New Brand, Lairbnb

In Airbnb's words, "Every hero needs a hideaway." The brand's "spin-off" is targeting superheroes, vampires, elves, and basically anyone else who may call a lair home and allowing them to share their unique spaces with travelers of the world. The best part of this fake ad? The superhero who claims he "flies" guests to the airport. Count us in.

Duolingo Pillow

An idea for a pillow that helps you learn a new language while you sleep is actually genius. It's just unfortunate that Duolingo's new "design" was made specifically for April Fools Day and not for real. The pillow, which begs "Don’t count sheep, master a new language," is available in Spanish, Italian, or French—but you'll have to wait until 2039 for Japanese.

"Groovy Maps"

Google Maps is just having a bit of fun for this round of pranks. If you log in to the app and choose "Explore Around You" you'll notice a new option: "Funky Town." Click it. What follows is what can only be described as cute.

Southwest's "Cash Lav"

The best is always saved for last. Fans of the late "Cash Cab" TV show will love Southwest's take on April Fools: "Cash Lav," a new series surprising non-expecting passengers visiting the on-flight lavatory. Don't worry, it comes with all of the lights and cut-throat trivia we came to love in the Discovery series.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.