By Melissa Locker
March 29, 2016

Andrej Ciesielski is back at it again. The 19-year-old German was banned from Egypt for life earlier this year after illegally scaling the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid of Giza to take photos. Now he’s turned his attention to China.

After running into trouble climbing Shanghai’s World Financial Center, Ciesielski turned his eyes to the city’s third tallest building, the Jin Mao Tower. According to Ciesielski’s blog, his ascent of the 1,377-foot tower was thwarted by security a few times, but he persevered and eventually made it to the top of the 88-story building. He then climbed the building’s perilous spire and snapped a few photos to post to his Instagram account, all while documenting the dizzying ascent for his YouTube channel. (The resulting video should not be watched by anyone with a fear of heights).

While Ciesielski descended the tower without incident, he was seen by tourists on the observation of the Shanghai World Financial Center, and was caught and detained by police. “We got arrested after the climb for many hours,” he wrote. As Shanghaiist points out, this all happened last month, but China’s state media is only now reporting the incident.

The incident with police did not deter the climber from his next peak—Hong Kong’s Manulife Plaza, a 787-foot building on Causeway Bay. (Yes, there’s a video.)

Ciesielski is not the only so-called urban rooftopper to ascend China’s skyscrapers. A Chinese couple climbed to the top of the tallest building in Beijing and the Russian adrenaline junkies known as OnTheRoofs climbed the Shanghai Tower. No word on whether any of these thrill seekers have tried Hubei Province’s swinging bridge yet.