By Melissa Locker
March 16, 2016

Tucked in the Oregon woods sits a refurbished Boeing 727 that Bruce Campbell has called home since 2004. (Take a video tour here.)

Campbell bought the retired commercial jet in 1999 for $100,000 and has been working to transform it into a livable space ever since, documenting his progress on his site, Now the plane is outfitted with a futon bed, a kitchen, a washing machine, a bathroom, and a transparent floor to see the land where it is permanently stationed on ten acres in the Portland suburb.

It is still a work in progress, but visitors are welcome to come say hi and see the plane-turned-home in person. Campbell might not be there, though, as he spends half the year in Japan. And now, he wants to bring his plane-living lifestyle with him.

Campbell is looking to purchase a decommissioned Boeing 747-400 to park in the city of Miyazaki, The Oregonian reported. According to Campbell’s new website, he is interested in purchasing a very specific plane to expand his aerospace living dream—Nippon Air’s last 747-400, but it’s not retired quite yet. In the interim, Campbell is looking for another 747 to park in Miyazaki Prefecture, on Japan’s Kyushu Island.

Campbell hopes that the new plane, which he writes will undergo “only the most minimal alterations”, will become not only a home, but a cultural hub, hosting tours, student groups, special events, and more of his favorite events—the Concert on a Wing series where he hosts live music on the wing of his airplane home.