One stuffed toy took the trip of a lifetime. 

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
March 22, 2016
British Airways

There’s no stronger bond than that of a child and his teddy bear, which is why British Airways went the extra mile (or 4,600) to return a stuffed animal to eight-month-old Woody Cranmer, who lost his beloved “Pooh” in Buenos Aires

While a forgotten teddy bear wouldn’t be a top concern for most people, this toy had been in the Cranmer family for 30 years. So, when Woody's parents realized it was missing, they took to social media to attempt a safe return. The online campaign worked, and within days the missing bear had been located by the British Airways Buenos Aires team.

Shortly after the team alerted the Cranmers that Pooh had been found, the family heirloom began his long journey home to West Yorkshire. In VIB (Very Important Bear) fashion, Pooh flew in the airline’s business class Club World cabin, was issued his own Gold Executive Club card, and was waited on hand and paw.

“I know to some people it’s only a silly teddy, but Pooh has been part of my life for the last 30 years, so when Woody was born, it was a huge thing to pass Pooh into Wood’s care,” Scott Cranmer said in a statement. “We were so worried when we lost Pooh, while we were visiting Woody’s grandfather in Buenos Aires so we were eternally grateful to British Airways for finding him and returning him to my little boy. They go everywhere together and they're inseparable when it comes time to go to bed.”

The British Airways crew took pictures of the sweet adventure and plan to make it into a book for the family. “[Pooh] has had a great adventure and we're so happy he's finally landed back home,” Cranmer added. “We'll have a great book to show Woody when he's older.”