When a plush bunny was forgotten at Ireland's Adare Manor Hotel, the hotel’s staff sprang into action, giving the stuffed animal a trip of a lifetime before returning it to its owners.

By Melissa Locker
January 12, 2016
Courtesy of Adare Manor Hotel

It all started on a Saturday morning when the hotel found the bunny alone in the breakfast room. The staff posted a photo of the stuffed animal on Facebook with the caption, "I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor."

It was clear that the bunny had been left behind by one of the hotel’s tiny guests. However instead of shoving the stuffed friend in a drawer with the rest of the lost and found, the staff at the luxury resort made sure the bunny was comfortable (very comfortable) while they tracked down the owner, documenting the journey on the hotel’s Facebook page.

The fluffy rabbit relaxed poolside before taking afternoon tea and later went for a walk with the concierge. When the owner was eventually found, the stuffed bunny got to spend one more night in the castle and to get a good night’s sleep before making the journey home. The bunny even got a massage in the spa before it was reunited with three-year old Kate, who will likely never forget her floppy friend at breakfast again.