A Canadian man built the huge snowman outside of his home.


This story originally appeared on Realsimple.com.

This latest impressive ice sculpture brings new meaning to the popular song from Disney’s animated film Frozen, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.” And it certainly isn’t your average snow day masterpiece. One man from Manitoba, Canada, built a 20-foot snowman right in his yard.

The creation was a big time commitment and definitely wasn’t built in a day, or even a week. It took Joshua Dueck and his family three weeks to build the enormous sculpture, which has all the traditional snowman accessories: a trapper hat, eyes, a “carrot” nose, and a smiley mouth—all added with the help of a very tall ladder. Each feature is sized proportionately to fit the larger-than-life snowman.

Dueck posted a time-lapse video of the building process on YouTube, which included some construction equipment and engineering tricks to get the huge ice statue to stand straight. A homemade wooden structure sits in the middle of the snowman to provide extra support. Snow was then added and packed to the outside of the frame. Dueck also used an auger (a screw conveyor normally used to move snow or in farming) to pour snow into the top of the structure.

The best part? The huge formation can act as a snow fort of sorts, too. “The snowman is even hollow on the inside so you can climb up into it and look out the mouth,” Dueck wrote in the YouTube video description. “It’s is just over 20 feet tall and attracts plenty of attention along our road.”

Consider it inspiration for your next snow day.