This Is What the Numbers on Your Boarding Pass Actually Mean (Video)

Your boarding pass is way more than a gate number.

If you’ve ever examined your boarding pass, you’ve probably noticed several different groups of numbers scattered all over it. You've probably even thought they could mean something important — and you would be correct.

Turns out each and every number on your boarding pass communicates something different to your TSA agent or cabin crew all along your journey. With the help of travel company Boxever, consider your boarding pass decoded.

There are several important codes on a boarding pass. For example, the code PNR, which stands for Passenger Name Reference, contains information about your name, ticket number, and even special requests and meal requirements. Or, if you have a standalone letter on your ticket, that reveals your booking class — just in case you were planning on stowing away in a first class seat.

There is one code you never want to see on your boarding pass: “SSSS.” The letters, "SSSS" denotes that you’ve been selected for enhanced security screening. However, if you are unlucky enough to have this on your ticket, just be polite and follow TSA instructions until the screening is over, then you'll be on your way.

The more you’re in the know, the more pleasant your journey will be. Watch above for more numbers and letters you may find on your boarding pass.

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