By Melissa Locker
March 07, 2016
Getty Images

The next time you tour Machu Picchu either in real life or on Google Street View, keep your eyes peeled for any lawbreakers. They should be quite obvious, too, as they’ll be the ones parading around the ancient site in their birthday suits.

According to The Daily Mail, two European tourists were arrested by regional Peruvian police and charged with “moral misconduct” after getting caught posing for pictures in the nude at the Incan stronghold. It’s a particularly egregious offense considering that Machu Picchu is considered a religious sanctuary for many local residents.

In an effort to dissuade future streakers, police took the phones of the most recent offenders and released their naked selfies to the public, which will undoubtedly horrify their mothers if not the nudists themselves.

The two tourists were not the first to be caught stripping down at the archaeological site. There has been a rise in the trend of naked tourists snapping selfies since 2014, causing Peru’s Culture Minister Diana Alvarez-Calderon, to state what should be obvious: that nude tourism is forbidden at Machu Picchu.

The warning has not stopped tourists from stripping to their skivvies and running among the ruins, though. In 2015 alone, ten tourists were arrested for posing in the buff at the Incan citadel, according to The Telegraph. Peruvian police are cracking down on the brash stunt by increasing guards and surveillance.

A spokeswoman for the Machu Picchu tourist police told The Telegraph, "We can't really understand why they want to come here and do this."