Tripadvisor and Audible Are Teaming Up to Bring You Better Travel Playlists

Your new travel playlist has arrived.

Tripadvisor and Audible are coming together to make your next road trip, plane journey, and train ride way more enjoyable.

On Tuesday, the two companies announced a new collaboration that will allow travelers to "enjoy Audible's unmatched library of exclusive Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts," along with new "Trip Playlists" created by Tripadvisor Plus that delivers travel guidance on every journey.

"This collaboration makes it easy for travelers to bring their favorite audio playlists with them during their next trip with just a few taps on their mobile device," the two companies shared in a statement. "No more heavy suitcases or cramming books into your carry-on!"

Here's how it works: All U.S. Audible members and current free trial users will receive $30 off a year of Tripadvisor Plus. Tripadvisor Plus members will receive a 90-day free trial to Audible Plus. (For those unfamiliar, Tripadvisor Plus is a new annual travel subscription currently available in the U.S. that aims to help "members become better travelers by saving them money" on all their travel needs from hotels to experiences, car rentals to flights, and more.) And finally, all Tripadvisor members will receive a 30-day free trial to Audible Premium Plus.

Phones displaying TripAdvisor app Plus
Courtesy of TripAdvisor

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Audible to expand our Tripadvisor Plus member benefits outside of the traditional travel experience, which perfectly aligns with guiding and inspiring our travelers on the go," Lindsay Nelson, chief brand and experience officer for Tripadvisor, said in a statement. "The ability to unlock unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks and special Audible-curated audio playlists is ideal for all vacation types — whether you're looking for great entertainment to accompany you through the great outdoors or the Big Apple."

Jane Winston, director of business development at Audible shared in the excitement adding: "Tripadvisor guides travelers to find the perfect getaway and Audible is the destination for people who love quality audio storytelling, so together they're the ideal travel companion. We're so excited to offer Tripadvisor members the opportunity to pair their journeys with stories from some of the best creators and performers in the world drawn from the Audible collection of premium audio originals, audiobooks, and podcasts on their next road trip or plane ride."

See more about the offer on Tripadvisor Plus now.

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