A New Moon Is Coming — Here's What to Expect, According to an Astrologist

This coming week, we have a chance to begin anew.

The stars cluster The Pleiades, M45 (Messier 45) taken from France and viewed like in binoculars. M45 is in the constellation of Taurus.
The stars cluster The Pleiades, M45 (Messier 45), the constellation of Taurus. Photo: Christophe Lehenaff/Getty Images

New moons bring with them the sense of starting over, choosing new areas to focus on, and hoping for new things to happen — and we have one at the beginning of this coming week. New moons are the time to set a new intention (a desire or something you want to manifest and bring into your life).

Have a clear intention ready at the front of your mind on Tuesday evening as that is the best time to speak it out and write it down in order to make it happen during this month. Maybe meditate on it while lighting a candle, or burning some incense, or even just sitting still outside under a tree.

The new moon in Taurus falls on Tuesday, May 11, and it is a great time for anything earth-related. The earth element is what rules our homes, our bodies, and our careers. It is the "get it done" motivator and Taurus energy specifically really likes to see projects through to the end.

This means if you have been hoping to clean out your closets, start a new routine, get into the habit of cooking your own meals, or even just get used to using a calendar for more than your job, this is the week to do it.

The downside to Taurus energy can be staying in a situation for too long, either from stubbornness or feeling stuck. When this happens, take advantage of new moon energy to start over — to leave behind what is not necessary and bring in a fresh perspective.

Regardless of what your sign is, allow the quiet of the new moon in Taurus to expand your connection to nature this week. Take a walk outside, sit by a lake, or maybe just have more picnics than indoor lunches. Taurus opens the door to getting outside and reminds you how much you love the feeling of the breeze through your hair, the sun on your skin, and the smell of flowers blooming. It asks you to slow down, pause, and quite literally smell the roses.

Don't rush through the first few days of the week (Monday through Wednesday), and you'll find you will have better focus to finish what you started on Thursday and Friday. Those days will challenge your ability to keep your thoughts organized as the moon passes through Gemini. Then on Saturday, when it goes into Cancer, you may find yourself practically moving sideways with the amount of energy pouring through. If you didn't give yourself a strong dose of nourishment during the new moon phase, you might feel burnt out by the weekend with all of that. So stop, rest, and then reset with a firm plan.

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